September 30, 2013
Service Wheel

Concierge Desk for Businesses

What value can a concierge add to your business? Our services are varied and this image just gives you an idea of what we do. The benefit of having a concierge at your business are endless. Benefits for the Employer: Improved focus at work: Employees can rely on someone else […]

Change of Ownership on a Vehicle

Do you know what is required for a change of ownership of a vehicle? Do you know that you can now get all the forms online? As per the South African government website these are the steps: Go to your nearest┬áregistering authority. If you use Leavit2Me we can do this […]

Wrapping Presents

I love Christmas! Actually I LUUUURVVVVE Christmas! I have always loved Christmas – the decorations, the food, the songs, just about everything about it. My favourite thing about Christmas when I have time is wrapping presents. I will admit that when I don’t have time I just use a gift […]

What does a Professional Concierge do?

A lot of people have been asking me about what it is I actually do. I spend a lot of time talking to suppliers and contractors “on behalf of my clients”, and they tend to get confused as to what I do. So I thought to clarify I would tell […]

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