Christmas is coming…

November 12, 2014
  • We're all going on a Summer Holiday.
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  • Spring Cleaning Just Ahead.
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Christmas is coming…

Christmas Goose

The geese are getting fat!

Please put a penny in the old man’s hat.

If you have no penny, a ha’penny will do,

If you have no ha’penny then God Bless You!

Growing up my father would always sing this rhyme to me. It took me years before I figured out what a ha’penny was, or why it mattered that the geese are getting fat!

As the so-called “Silly Season” approaches, there are lots of errands that need to get done.

  • Home owners are having spring cleaning done. Remember to also have your air conditioners serviced and your Spring Cleaning  Just Ahead. gutters cleaned before the rains set in.
    • Have you realised you need new linens, or there are items that need repairing? Let Leavit2Me sort those out for you.
    • We can recommend contractors, and meet them at your home to get appliances serviced, gutters cleaned, carpets and furniture steam cleaned  etc
  • Businesses are preparing gifts for the end of the year, for clients, suppliers and staff.
    • Leavit2Me can assist with collating, wrapping and delivering client gifts.
    • We can make recommendations on suppliers for all your requirements.
    • We can help keep the surprise for your staff gifts!
  • Year End Functions are needing to be planned.
    • Our friends at Posh Party do amazing events
    • Leavit2Me can help with decorating and shopping for your events
    • We can assist with finding caterers and other suppliers for your parties.
  • Families going on holiday need lots of last-minute things done before heading off on their breaksWe're all going on a Summer Holiday.
    • Leavit2Me can have your vehicle inspected, licensed and checked for safety.
    • We can take the vehicle for cleaning, tyre rotating and other items
    • We can ensure that your vehicle is licensed..
    • We can assist with certain paperwork required for travelling over borders and with children.
    • We can pick up your medications, do shopping for your trip and ensure all the details are taken care of.
  • Families staying home and avoiding the craziness can use our assistance too:
    • Christmas shopping for gifts, decor and food can all be done by Leavit2Me
    • Wrapping of presents and decorating of tables, trees or venues can be handled by us.

So whether you are staying home, travelling around our amazing country, travelling to interesting countries or just getting your home ready for the new season – Leavit2Me is there to assist, every step of the way!

Remember – As long as it’s legal, you can Leavit2Me!

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