Wrapping Presents

Wrapping Presents

I love Christmas! Actually I LUUUURVVVVE Christmas! I have always loved Christmas – the decorations, the food, the songs, just about everything about it. My favourite thing about Christmas when I have time is wrapping presents. I will admit that when I don’t have time I just use a gift bag, but there really is nothing more exciting that a beautifully wrapped Christmas present. Really there is nothing more exciting that any beautifully wrapped present.

I spent the morning today wrapping presents for a client, and it reminded me that I have had some really great teachers in my life who have helped me learn the art of wrapping presents. A lot of people haven’t had this experience and so I would like to share some of the tips I have learned.

wrapped giftSteps to wrapping a box or box shaped gift. 

  1. Roll out the wrapping paper and lay the gift central on the paper. Cut the paper to size leaving about 5cm around 3 edges and double the width of the present on the 4th edge.
  2. Fold the paper up along the long edge to the centre of the top of the gift. My Mom always told me not to tape the paper onto the gift as it ruins the box or can leave marks on a book etc. Fold the full length of the other long edge so that you have a smooth top edge. Bring that side up and tape it with one piece of tape centrally on the gift.
  3. Turn the box so the short edge is facing you. Fold in the sides and crease the paper along the top and bottom to form angled flaps. Fold down the top flap. Fold the edge of the bottom one over to create a smooth edge, then fold it over the top flap. Tape with 1 or 2 pieces of tape depending on the size of your box. This gives nice neat corners to the gift. And all visible edges of the paper are neat.
  4. Turn the gift around and do the same on the other side.
  5. Should you wish to you can run your thumb and finger around the top edge of the gift to give the paper a nice crisp edge.
  6. You now have a perfectly wrapped box which will be easy to open without damaging the packaging inside.

But we all know that many gifts are not boxes.  This morning I was wrapping clothing and soft toys. There are two options for these types of gifts – put them in a box before wrapping and proceed as above, or wrap the oddly shaped gift as best you can. Here are some tips on getting oddly shaped gifts to look pretty.

  • For soft thing that can be made mostly square shaped proceed as above, just taking care to get the edges as neat as possible. What I did with most of the clothing items this morning.
  • For round tube shaped gifts: you can turn these into cracker shapes with some Cracker Wrapribbon – roll the paper around length ways and tape closed; position the gift roughly in the center; cut two lengths of ribbon about the same length and tie one each around the ends as close to the gift as possible.
  • For round balls or circular tins it gets a little more complicated. The best I have found is to either do something similar to a cracker; or to wrap the paper round the widest section and tape, then work around in one directions folding in and pushing down as you go around to completely seal the gift. You may need to tape these kinds of gifts more often.

I hope these tips will help you with preparing for the wrapping season coming up. Remember that Leavit2me can save you time by doing your gift shopping for you, and we are happy to wrap gifts too!

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