Unabridged Birth Certificates

What is the difference between an Unabridged Birth Certificate (UBC) and what I have now?
What is the difference between an Unabridged Birth Certificate (UBC) and a Vault Copy? And why do they take so long?
Why does my child need a UBC?
What is required when a minor is traveling internationally?

Application process for Unabridged Birth Certificates


The application form is available for download on this website. Please print, complete in BLACK INK, Section B for mother and C for father. The form was misprinted by the department. Please leave section D blank, as we will complete with the consultant’s details. We will sign the application form.

A cover letter will be emailed to you, this is the only document that you sign.

The cost is R325 service fee, plus R75 to Home Affairs, per application (R400pp).

We go to Home Affairs weekly, to submit applications. We are all still at the mercy of Home Affairs for the application to be processed. Average wait time is 3 month However because we go weekly, if there is any additional documentation required, we can complete that as soon as we know it’s required. We have had applications processed faster than 3 months.

a) If your child was born in 2002 or 2003 there will be additional documents required. Copies of both parents’ IDs and copy of the marriage certificate will be required. I will complete the additional forms at Home Affairs for these applications. Please sign two copies of the authorisation letter in these cases.

The service fee includes checking documents, submitting application, checking on the application up to 3 times, and printing the certificates if completed by 8 weeks.

Please note that if the application is not ready at 8 weeks, we will hand over the original receipt back to you. If you wish for us to continue with follow ups, the cost will be R75 per follow up.

Please email info@leavit2me.co.za for more information and for the official forms.

Documents can be emailed to us for initial applications, however if we require original documents etc and for all collections, our offices are based in Mount Edgecombe.
We can arrange courier service as well, cost to client.

Should you require Vault copies, it is the same process as a standard UBC (DHA154) application, please just tick Vault, at the top of the form. Please note that the time frame for these applications is quite a bit longer than standard unabridged birth certificates. Minimum of 6 months wait.

Should you require Aposteel certification once the certificate is completed, please let us know and we can quote on the costs for that. Aposteel is not available on Vault copies. Aposteel is a certified copy of the certificate in a foreign language (usually for immigration purposes)

DHA154 Unabridged Birth Application form

Parental Consent Affidavit

Summary Immigration Minors

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