What does a Professional Concierge do?

What does a Professional Concierge do?

A lot of people have been asking me about what it is I actually do. I spend a lot of time talking to suppliers and contractors “on behalf of my clients”, and they tend to get confused as to what I do. So I thought to clarify I would tell you a little about what I have done for clients over the last month, and how it is that I have given them the most precious of commodities – TIME.

One client has had me assisting with various projects around the house. I needed to call an electrician, arrange an appointment with him, oversee the changing of exterior lights and the repair of some other issues, sign off on the work and handle the invoicing for the job. Since this client lives in a gated community, I had to liaise with the security manager and ensure that we met all the requirements of the security. I have also been arranging quotes and securing a contractor to clean the roof and gutters. Which again meant phoning, booking appointments for quotes, meeting the contractors at the house, collating the quotes and then arranging for the work to be done. The exterior walls of his house also need to be re-painted so I have been arranging that too. All of this has been done while the client is at work, and so he comes home to functioning driveway lights, fixed fountain lights, and soon to be beautifully painted walls, and a clean roof and gutters.

For another client I have been assisting him with applying for various visas for an overseas trip next month. I have gathered, checked and dropped off documents for a Dubai visa. I have assisted with having copies certified. I have gathered and checked documents for his Italian Visa. I made the online appointment for him, and ensured that he has all the necessary documents for his appointment. Since I worked in the travel industry for almost 10 years, I have years of experience with visas and have enjoyed this aspect of my job this month quite a bit.

A busy client of mine has had trouble with an antique office chair and desk that have become worn and are showing signs of age. I have phoned around and gotten quotes on having both repaired and will be making arrangements to have those repaired at a convenient time. Since I know that there is some travel in her future, I will arrange for it to be done then.

A very generous client of mine has already started on Christmas Shopping for 24 children of family and friends’ that he buys presents for. He will be travelling overseas and needs to take some of the presents with him then, so I have been Christmas shopping in August. Once the gifts arrive, I will wrap and mark them for him to take with on his travels. I still have another 19 gifts to purchase over the next 6 weeks or so, to ensure that we are on time for all the international deliveries.

A couple that I do work for are travelling soon and while they are away I will have their cars serviced. I have phoned and booked the 2 cars in. I will drive the cars to the service centre, liaise with the mechanics, and ensure the cars are safely returned. All of this while my clients are on a wonderful holiday overseas.

So there you have it. Myself and the other concierge consultants at Leavit2Me can save you time:

  • By ensuring your house looks its best, while you are busy at work.
  • By doing your Christmas Shopping in advance so that you can beat the crowds in December.
  • By doing the phoning around and comparing of quotes, so that you only have to make a decision on price.
  • By checking your visa applications and other official documents to save you time when dealing with embassies, and to make your travel plans run smoothly.
  • By carrying out household chores, like having the car serviced, while you are away on your dream holiday!

This is just a small sample of the work that we do. Our motto is “if it’s legal, we will find a way to do it!” So contact us to help you with making more time in your life for the things that add value!

Bianca J


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